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I'm glad to announce that I've just started recording next foot-fetish videos with a new digital camera so there is visibly much better quality of these new upcoming videoclips. Now you can get a chance to see, check and simply enjoy almost every detail of the latest model's bare feet! The only problem is that the better resolution - the higher definition - means the bigger file size at the same time. However, I will upload at least two different copies of each video - in HD and in Full HD - so you'll always have a choice.
I've already added a new amazing video with 18 years old newcomer Mikolaj, straight motorbiker with very smooth and sensitive feet. Almost immediately after he came I told him to get barefoot, put legs up and expose these lovely feet for our viewers' pleasure. Soon I lubricated his soles intensively and brought a pin-wheel to test these teenage feet properly:D


Don't be fooled by his innocent look and still a little boyish face! Our freshly auditioned sporty guy Damian has turned 23 this summer so I'm glad to have another pair of really talented, young but sweaty feet on the site. Although cute boy is completely unexperienced in front of camera, he was trying his best to display these bare soles on the table in the way I enjoy watching the most. This time also every other private inch of Damian's smooth body is nicely exposed! Well, probably 'nicely' only for us - watching Damian's face expressions I can say that there must be a difference for this cute Polish athlete between spreading arsehole 'in front of gay camera' and let's say, changing football kit next to his str8 buddies in a changing room;-)
Over 100 HIGH-RES PHOTOS have just been added!
Regarding first 'Bastinado crowdfunding' in the Internet history - my last appeal for an urgent fund-raiser to make a great and extra long feet punishment/bastinado video (an amateur 20 years-old heterosexual guy simply decided 'to sell his feet for it') was much more successful. It's almost sure now that this amazing video will be recorded next days. Everyone who trusted me but at the same time took a risk by sending some money in advance won't regret, I promise. Btw, still there is a missing amount of 30-40 EUR to close this issue;-) If you only wish you can help even with a 2 or 3 $. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.


A week ago I invited the cutest footballer from my city once again, this time Brian was ordered to prepare something on the kitchen floor but with no hands used! As an ambitious footballer with wide talented feet I think it's even easier for him to work rather with legs than hands. I only wonder what did this 19 years-old soccer player think when he was told to make a salad by sitting on fruits and vegetables with naked arsehole;-) This gorgeous footballer is born to be obedient and follow all the rules when there's an older trainer around... Have you got any private orders for Brian if he comes for another shooting?


If you are foot maniacs but generally not too much into football you may still haven't noted this new crazy trend among young Polish footballers. Most of them ususally prefer training with their own cotton socks on but as the club soccer socks are always obligatory during the matches, they just cut them! I really like this 'damaged' football socks especially when they take off their cleats:) Please have a look at this cute teenage player Brian - the most humiliating positions he's ever been in!


It's been almost two years since I met gorgeous footballer Milosz. He was playing in the same team with his best friend Brian (also an amazing model form the site) and on that time he had no experience in being a model for the gay audience. Looking at the first photos I took him I just can't believe how much favourably Milosz has changed for this time. He's already joined another team from a higher Polish league and still spends a lot of time in the gym to develop this well built body and incredibly talented strong legs. Still I think he's got the most perfect feet I've ever seen. Good luck, lovely Milosz!


It's so nice to write here again! I've finally come back to work for the site but to be honest - after quite serious disease it wasn't easy to come back almost all aspects of my life in one piece. I even could say it will never be the same again but maybe there's always an unexpected moment in someone's life that looks just like a need of reassessment. When you're only 30 and they say you in hospital that it all could have ended in a few next hours... It works better than a New Yer's day, trust me. So let me tell you my resolutions and please think about it also when it comes to your life.
Today let me introduce a bit older guy then I usually work with - another handsome husband which seems to be a big puzzle from the very beginning. This new candidate looks sooo sexy intelligent but at the same time - incredibly mysterious. Marcin said almost nothing about himself but he admitted with no smile he's been married for two years. Well, they say 'never just for a ring' but unfortunately it's too late now for this young straight fella. He was quite embarrassed while talking about his difficult financial situation. However, above all Marcin should be confused by an increased sweating of his feet. Undoubtedly the most stinky male socks I've ever experienced to smell!



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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